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Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

Are you looking for healthy foods to put in your children’s lunch boxes at school? Children can still have treats which taste just as good as a packet of crisps but have more nutritional value.

So what foods can you give them?

Vegetables – Try cutting up some carrots, celery or a handful of cherry tomatoes and put them in a small container into their lunch box

Fruit salad – Cut up some different fruit such as apple, oranges, strawberries or their favourite fruit and place into a tub and place into their lunch boxes

Snack A Jacks – Kids can still have their favourite snacks such as crisps Snack A Jacks but their are healthier than other brands

Jelly Tubs With No Added Sugar – Giving children a small jelly tub with their packed lunch is a great idea, but why not give them one of the jelly tubs with no added sugar? Not only do they still taste delicious but they are much healthier than ones containing sugar

Munchy Seeds – Why not give them some Munchy Seeds to eat with their lunch, not only are they very tasty but they are also good for you. (UnderTheChristmasTree were kindly sent some Munchy Seeds and we have to say that they are delicious. They are filling and taste great and were a great alternative to having biscuits etc.)

Biscuits – Kids all love a chocolate biscuit, and they can still have these but why not swap them for a pack of Mini Animals Cadbury Dinosaurs 6 Mini Bags of Biscuits

Yoghurts – Give ASDA’s Chocolate Mousse a try as it now contains 40% less fat, so that means kids can enjoy chocolate mousse and you know that it contain less fat

Juice – Swap coke and other fizzy juices for flavoured water, fruit juice or a smoothie

Here are a few suggestions from our lovely visitors/readers:
Becky Shorting says: raisins! they love them (and so do i!).

Katherine De Riera says: My boys love banana chips and yoghurt coated raisins.

Julia Kerr says: Can’t beat fresh fruit, it satisfies a sweet tooth too. Blueberries are a firm favourite here at the moment.

Ali Thorpe says: Cucumber chunks dipped in homemade houmous.

Glenn Marvell-James says: It’s got to be Low Fat Natural Yogurt with a sprinkling of Honey Munchy Seeds.

What do you give your children as a healthy lunchbox snack? Comment below and let us know.

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