Are Your Mealtimes Less Formal?

Are the days of three regular meals eaten at the table a thing of the past?  Or do you and your family make sure to spend time together around the table?

The way we eat food in today’s modern Britain tends to be quicker and much less formal than before.

Now, more meals are consumed in front of the TV and favourite programmes take precedence over family discussions.

Even the knife seems to be a thing of the past as we now serve food that is so simple to eat that we only need a fork.

In our hectic, chaotic working lives many meals have been replaced by quick and convenient ready meals or a take away that can be served up at whatever time someone arrives home

Given a day off from work and running around after the children, what meal would you prepare for the family’s evening meal and how would you serve it?

Would it be something that brings back happy memories of your own childhood sitting together as a family around the table, or a buffet style with lots of things everyone could choose from that they cab eat while watching the movie you’ve bought to complete the treat?

Do you and your family sit at the table or do you have your meal in front of the TV? Comment below and let us know.

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