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Top most viewed Christmas Adverts 2019

Wondering which festive Christmas advert from your favourite brands was most popular on YouTube in 2019?, well we’ve done the hard work and here are the results.
John Lewis & Partners and Waitrose & Partners - Excitable Edgar

As always we love to wait until the Christmas period has truly came to an end to take a look back and see which Christmas advert preformed the best over on YouTube.

So who’s won the battle of the 2019 Christmas ads?…

1. John Lewis & Waitrose – Excitable Edgar – 9.9 Million Views

John Lewis & Waitrose in a first ever joint advert has won top spot for the heartwarming story of a little girl and her friendship with an excitable dragon – Edgar.

2. Sainsbury’s – Nicholas the Sweep – 6.2 Million Views

Although met with mixed reviews, the Dickensian-style advert has come out second as the most watched across the streaming platform. Telling the story of Nick – a young orphan who is wrongly accused of stealing a clementine from a Sainsbury’s store. As he pleads his innocence, Mrs Sainsbury’s reassures him that she know he was not the thief and offers him a bag of clementines. Nick hands these out to the children’s home where he stayed given a hint as to how Saint Nicholas (Santa) started.

3. Aldi – Leafy Blinders – 3.3 Million Views

We’re not sure if the Leafy Blinders will be too pleased to see Aldi’s Christmas advert only hitting 3rd place, we were also pretty surprised, however Kevin was back and told the triumphant story of how he managed to escape those pesky sprouts.

4. Very.co.uk – Get More Out Of Giving – 2.9 Million Views

This Pixar worthy animated festive advert will seriously make you want to do more every Christmas.  Telling the story of how a street come together to give Sidney, a lonely man, a Christmas that he’ll never forget

5. Argos – The Book of Dreams – 2.5 Million Views (60 second edition)

Whilst some comments state that this was not very Christmassy, Argos Book of Dreams which shows a dad’s childhood dream being awoken when he sees the drum kit his daughter has circled, did become a fan favourite on YouTube.

6. Marks & Spencer – Go Jumpers for Christmas – 816K Views

OK were you one of the many who took part in the signature “shoulder roll” every time you put on your festive jumper? we know we did! M&S upbeat, jumper-filled advert set to the iconic House of Pain track ‘Jump Around’ was popular with over eight hundred thousand views.

7. Iceland Foods – #MagicofFrozen – 776K Views

Teaming up wit Disney and Frozen 2, Iceland’s 2-minute ad features much-loved Frozen characters including Elsa and Olaf. Beating other major supermarkets including Tesco and Asda, the frozen food store has came in the top ten most viewed.

8. McDonald’s UK – #ReindeerReady – 685K Views

Continuing the Reindeer Ready campaign, the nation once again fell in love with this years advert. Telling the story of Archie the Reindeer and a young girl called Ellie at Christmas, this really did spark the magic of Christmas.

9. SKY – E.T Came Home for Christmas – 675K Views

SKY really did know how to pull at our heart strings this Christmas with the reconnection between E.T and Elliott’s 2019 family. Helping us all to remember the magic of family time at Christmas there is little wonder that this made the top viewed adverts of 2019.

10. Asda – Lets make Christmas Extra Special – 498K Views

Only just making it into this years top eleven, Asda’s advert, which we loved, didn’t seem to pull at the heart strings enough. Following the story of Jack and Tilly who spread the magic of Christmas across their town, once the magic finishes Tilly is disappointed however Jack comes up with a magical surprise.

11. Tesco – #DeliveringChristmas – 261K Views

Although one of the most popular supermarket it looks as though Tesco didn’t quite reach the views they may have expected with this years advert. Following a Tesco delivery driver who takes an unexpected detour through time. Embarking on 100 years of Tesco, we see the night loaded with food from the future and more. We personally feel Tesco could have done with branching out to the other nations to showcase the 100 years a little better.

Other retailers who didn’t quite make it into the top ten most viewed include Lidl who came out one of the lowest with just 52K Views.

So what can we expect for 2020’s Christmas advert? Let’s hope we get another Edgar moment.

This information was found via YouTube and was correct at time of publication.

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