What You Should Be Planting Now To Be Ready For Christmas

It may well only be March but those of us who like to grow our own fruit, veg and flowers for Christmas it is already time to get planting. So what can you plant now that will be ready in time for Christmas?

Brussel Sprouts Image

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Brussel Sprouts:

These are a tradition at most dinner tables on Christmas day and while you may not like the taste of shop-bought sprouts why not try growing your own as home grown can taste completely different from the shop-bought sprouts.

If you are looking to grow early varieties of Brussel sprouts then you need to begin sowing these at the end of the month.  Sow seeds 1 cm deep in rows spaced 15cm apart or you could use modular trays.


Have you ever seen in the adverts roasted Parsnips coming out of the oven looking crisp, golden and just all round delicious?

If you want your very own Parsnips then begin by sowing the Parsnip seeds in March and again in June for baby Parsnips so these are ready for the Christmas table.


Radishes are perfect to add in a little bit extra flavour to any salad. Add these to your starter for extra flavour, crunchiness and colour.

Plant these in March for a constant supply of young radishes and sow harvest these every 6 weeks – time it so that you get a fresh amount for Christmas.


Poinsettia’s are the ultimate plant to have in your home at Christmas, they are full of colour and give a really festive look to any table.

If you are looking to grow your own start planting now and they will flower in December so you can have a beautiful bunch on the table or to be placed around the house.


Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a bit a beautiful Holly so plant this in Spring as this may take quite some time to grow but is well worth the wait as they are a real Christmas green in colour and give off beautiful red berries.

You can add a bit of holly to your decorations around the house!


Christmas wouldn’t be the same with out a little but of mistletoe! Growing Mistletoe can be a bit tricky but is do-able.

Mistletoe lives off the nutrients and water from a host tree – the most common in the UK is the apple tree so it is best to get Mistletoe started off in March to have a bloom for Christmas.

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What will you be planting now for Christmas? Comment below and let us know.

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